Friday, March 23, 2012 - 6:00 p.m.

Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

Archbishop Carroll (28-2)


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Oakland Catholic (28-2)


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Officials: Karen Pammer, John Hymans, Steven Houloose


First Quarter Summary


Tip off goes to AC. Rachel Pearson opens the scoring for 2. OC misses, rebound by Audra Phibbs who is fouled. Long shot OC misses. Long shot AC misses. Sarah Curran fouls. Bobbi Baker is fouled driving the lane by Shannon Shields. Misses first free throw, second one roles in. Travel violation by Kristie Costantino. Rachel Vigliotti drives to the hoop for 2. Long AC shot misses. Steal by Olivia DeRogatis, basket by Curran. Rebound by Meghan Creighton. Creighton scores 2. Corey Taglianetti scores 2 and is fouled. TO 3:50 to go, AC 6 - OC 5. Taglianetti makes free throw. DeRogatis drives but shot is no good. Vigliotti drains one from the corner for 3. Vigliotti fouls. Baker commits a foul. Charge called against Costantino, ball back to OC. Jump ball - possession OC. 5 second violation on the inbound - ball to AC. Long shot is in and out - rebound AC. DeRegotis drives inside, makes the bucket, picks up the foul and will shoot one. Bucket is good. Travel violation against Vigliotti, crowd is not pleased. Jump ball - after long discussion possession AC. Creighton is fouled by Taglianetti driving to the hoop. Both foul shots are all net. Chrissy Berenato called for a foul. Pearson drains a 3. Jump ball - possession OC. Long shot no good. Steal by Nicole Johnson, who is called for travel violation - ball back to AC. AC throws it away on the inbounding pass. Officials stop for another discussion. Long shot by OC at buzzer is no good. At the end of 1, AC-14, OC-9.



Second Quarter Summary


AC will inbound. Pearson scores 2. 2 OC shots are missed. AC throws it away. Costantino called for fouling. Vigliotti goes to the line for 1-1, first is good, second bounces out. Ball scramble. Foul called against Creighton, Vigliotti goes back to the line. Shot is no good - AC rebounds. Creighton is called with a charge. OC layup no good - AC rebound. Jump ball - possession OC. Back court against OC. Long AC shot no good - AC rebound - jumper by Shields is good for 2. Jump ball - AC possession. Foul by Baker. Costantino shooting 1-1, first is good, second shot no good. Long shot AC no good - OC rebounds. Mara Fitzgerald called for traveling. TO 3:52 to go, AC -19, OC - 10. AC loses the ball out of bounds driving to the basket. OC shot missed. AC misses - rebounds - misses - rebounds again, and Pearson hits a 3 point shot. TO called 2:27, AC-22, OC-10. Double dribble called against Fitzgerald. Creighton fouled while driving the lane - misses first free throw, makes the second. Fitzgerald called for traveling. Nicole Johnson fouls DeRogatis who goes to the line for 2. First is good, second no good. 3 points scored by Vigliotti. Buzzer sounds. At the end of 2 periods AC-24, OC-13.


Third Quarter Summary


Curran opens the scoring with 2 AC points. Curran Scores again with another 2 pointer. Pearson shoots a long ball for 3 more AC points. TO called by OC to try to stop the bleeding. AC - 31, OC -13. OC shot misses. AC shot missed - Vigliotti rebounds. Baker is fouled - will shoot 2. First shot bounces around and in. Second free throw is good. Curran drives the lane but can't convert - rebound OC. Baker drives inside, shot is good and she is fouled. Shot is short, AC rebounds - Baker steels and lays it up for 2. Pearson drives in paint and is fouled by Taglianetti. First shot good, second missed. OC lay up attempt no good - rebound AC. Vigliotti fouls. TO called. AC - 32, OC - 19 with 3:54 to go. Curran scores 2 off a nice pass from Creighton. OC misses again. Creighton scores 2. Baker from downtown scores 3 for OC. AC turns it over. OC misses from corner. Curran underneath, up and in for 2. TO 1:22 left, AC - 38, OC - 22. Costantino fouls. Vigliotti scores a nice layup. Officials conference. AC inbounds. AC misses - loses ball out of bounds at baseline. Buzzer sounds. AC - 38, OC - 24. 



Fourth Quarter Summary


AC inbounds the ball. DeRogatis is fouled in the paint. First shot rolls in. Second is also good. Long OC shot no good - rebound by Curran. Foul against Iffie Uwazie. Long OC attempt is short. Shields fouls Uwazie who goes to the line and makes both. Baker fouls for OC. Curran converts 2 off the inbounding pass. Baker drives, no good, Uwazie rebounds and puts it back for 2. Joint possession - OC ball. Madison Caulfield attempts a long shot, no good. Long outlet pass to Curran who is fouled trying to lay up a shot. Curran is at the line for 2, makes them both. Another long OC shot no good. Back court called - ball to AC. Inbound pass to wide open Curran under basket - good for 2. Fitzgerald was fouled driving the paint. OC loses the ball. Creighton scores 3 for  AC. TO with 4:43 left. AC firmly in control 49-28. Block by Curran. Creighton at foul line - makes first, and second. OC shot misses. Joint possession - AC ball. Kerri Hunt hits a jumper for 2 more AC points. OC travels. TO 3:11 left. AC - 54, OC -28. OC hope is fading fast. AC inbounds. Jess Mrdjenovich steals, OC unable to convert any points. Bridget McNulty is fouled. Substitutions begin. Foul shot is short - ball stays with AC. Baker fouls. Ann McKnight goes to the foul line. First shot all net, second shot bounces out. Mrdjenovich hits from downtown for 3. Baker is fouled while shooting and completes the 3 point play. TO 1:28 left. AC way up 54-34. Chrissy Berenato steals. Nicole Johnson scores 2 and is fouled, she completes the 3 point play. Fitzgerald fouls. Keara McNulty goes to the line for 2, first is good, second is also good. OC misses. Buzzer sounds. Archbishop Carroll dominates from start to finish. Final score AC - 56, OC - 37.