Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 6:00 p.m.

Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

Archbishop Wood (20-10)

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Lancaster Catholic (30-3)

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Officials: Kristin Sortino, Dirk Link, Douglas Travis


First Quarter Summary


Tip to AW.  two shots no good by AW - ball OOB to LC.  Back court violation by LC - ball to AW.  Shot by AW no good.  Long shot by LC no good.  Jackie Pearson fed by Jess Kaminski for 2 LC pts.  Lauren Nealon scores for AW.  Danielle Atkinson fouled - scores on 1 of 2 freebies for AW.  Nealon hits a long ball for 3 AW pts.  Long AW shot by Taylor LKaminski - no good - Taylor Kaminski lays it up for 2 AW points.  TO 4:31 left 9-1 AW leads.  Inbounds by LC - Amy Balasavge hits a long 2 ball.  Rebound by Alyssa Aichele for LC - TO called AW 9 LC 3 with 3:55 left.  LC inbounds - Porsha Peller steps on the baseline - ball to AW.  Alex Heck misses an AW shot - steal by AW - shot no good by Aubree Brown.  Amy Balasavage misses a long ball try - OOB to AW.  Jackie Pearson drives to the hole for 2.  Danielle Atkinson drives through the paint for m2 LC pts.  Atkinson drives it home again for 2 more!  Steal by LC - traveling called.  AW inbounds - Long ball no good by Haley Scullion.  Nealon fouls Emily Martin - she will shoot 2 - makes both freebies.  Jess Kaminski drives through a crowd and lays it in for 2 AW pts.  Buzzer sounds - after one it is AW 13 and LC 9.


Second Quarter Summary


AW will inbound the ball - Taylor Kaminski rebounds the short long ball and puts it back for 2 AW pts.  Emily Martin - fall away J for 2 LC pts.  Jess Kaminski drives but misses.  LC misses. Speller commits a possession foul - ball to AW.  5 second inbounds violation - steal by Lauren Nealon - drives it to the hoop for 2 AW pts.  Balasavage drives but can't convert - ball to AW.  Pearson drives inside - fouled by Emily Martin - makes two freebies.  Elizabeth Veronis misses a J - TO called by AW - 4:12 left 19-11 AW.  AW will inbound - double dribble called - ball to LC.  Kirsten Werner hits a 3 pointer for LC.  Haley Scullion right back with a 3 pointer for AW.  To with 3:23 left 22-14 AW.  AW inbounds - goes into motion offense - Taylor Kaminski penetrates for 2 AW pts.  Aw steals it back - Pearson misses along shot - held ball - ball to LC.  Werner shot too long.  Rebound by AW - Alex Heck steps on the baseline - ball to LC.  Alyssa Aichele misses from long range rebounded by Pearson.  TO called 39 seconds left AW 24 LC 14.  Inbounds by AW - Nealon dishes to Aubree Brown who lays it up for 2 more AW pts - buzzer sounds - at the half way mark the score is Archbishop Wood 26 Lancaster Catholic 14.


Third Quarter Summary


To start the second half, AW will have the ball.  AW drives for an easy layup by J. Kaminski.  E. Martin for LC takes any easy lay up on the other end.  AW has possession.  A. Heck for AW drives to the hoop and adds two points.  She is fouled and will have a chance for three point play.  Foul shot is good.  LC has ball.  LC drives to the hoop and ball goes out of bounds.  LC keeps ball.  Traveling violation against LC.  AW ball.  J. Kaminski misses reverse lay up.  Rebound AW.  Give and go for two by T. Kaminski.  LC ball.  17 point lead for AW.  Traveling against LC.  AW ball.  AW slowing it down.  Ball stolen by D. Atkinson and fouled going for lay up.  Will shoot two.  First shot is good.  Second shot is good.  AW ball.  Blocking foul against LC.  AW drives for layup by J. Pierson.  LC ball.  LC misses jump shot and out of bounds.  AW ball.  Turnover to LC.  LC hits three point shot by A. Balasavage.  AW ball.  AW misses jump shot and ball out of bounds.  Ball over to LC. LC shoots three point and misses.  AW grabs rebound.  Steal by LC.  Misses jump shot and AW rebounds.  AW drives for lay up and misses.  AW rebounds and regains possession.  A. Heck drives and is fouled.  Will shoot two.  Time out at 3:03 with AW 35 and LC 21.  Heck on line for two.  First shot is good.  Second shot is good.  LC has possession.  LC misses three point shot.  LC rebounds and misses.  AW grabs rebound and is fouled.  AW ball.  LC steals ball.  Misses jumper.  Rebound AW.  AW has shot blocked.  Ball out of bounds to LC.  LC throws ball out of bounds.  AW possession.  AW looses ball out of bounds.  LC ball.  Atkinson shoots long three and short of the basket and out of bounds.  AW ball.  LC blocking foul.  LC steals ball from AW.  LC comes down court.  Out of bounds and LC retains possession.  LC takes short jumper and misses.  A. Aichele grabs rebound and is fouled.  Two shots for Aichele.  Misses first shot.  Second shot is good.  AW ball.  LC full court pressure.  AW was fouled during lay up and J. Pierson will go to line for one-and-one.  First shot is good.  Second shot is good.  LC loses ball on inbound and Pierson scores.  At the end of the 3rd period, AW 41 and LC 22. 


Fourth Quarter Summary

To start the final period, LC has inbound.  LC takes ball down low and misses shot.  AW grabs rebound.  AW will slow game down.  Easy lay up for Heck.  LC comes down the court.  E. Martin shoots jumper and connects for two.  AW slowing game down.  AW turns ball over.  LC comes down the court.  Three pointer by Atkinson.  AW brings ball down court.  AW commits traveling violation.  Five minutes remaining in game.  Give and go for E. Martin for two for LC.  AW has possession.  Again, content with slowing game down with a 14 point lead.  Time out AW at 4:12.  AW 43.  LC 29.  Time out over and it will be AW ball.  C. Young for an easy lay up.  LC has ball down 16 points.  LC misses shot and AW grabs rebound.  Foul against LC.  Time out at 3:36.  AW up 16 points.  On the line for AW is Pierson for a one-and-one.  Misses shot. AW grabs rebound by Heck.  Easy lay up by Pierson for two.  Biggest lead of night for AW.  Missed shot by LC.  Rebound by AW and LC commits foul.  To the line for AW is T. Kaminski for one-and-one.  Shot is long.  LC grabs rebound.  Aichele drives and is fouled.  Two shots for Aichele.  Misses the first.  Second shot is good.  AW ball.  Aichele commits a blocking foul.  One-and-one for AW's Pierson.  Two shots for Pierson.  Makes the first.  Second shot is good.  LC brings ball down court.  Aichele drives and makes basket and is fouled.  Will have one foul shot.  Shot is good and converts the three point play.  AW ball.  Under two minutes left in game.  AW slowing game down by just passing ball.  Three point shot by Nealon.  LC ball.  LC misses shot and AW rebounds.  Brings ball down and loses control out of bounds.  LC ball.  Misses final shot.  Final score of the game is AW 52 and LC 33.