Friday, March 23, 2012 - 8:00 p.m.

Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

Neumann-Goretti (27-3)


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Montour (24-4)


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Officials: Patrick Gebhart, G. Fred Artman, Michael Bergeron


First Quarter Summary


Tip off to NG. Stolen by Devin Wilson. Dillon Buechel drains a 3 pointer from the corner. Steal forced again by Wilson who drives but shot is no good. Long shot NG - no good. Buechel drives through the paint, layup is good. Wilson fouls. NG jumper no good - M rebounds. Buechel makes a fade away jumper. Billy Shank drives through the paint, up and in for 2. Kevin Scuilli drains a 3. NG jumper is short. Travel violation against Ryan Lewis. TO with 3:34 left, M - 10, NG -2. NG inbounds. Shank hits a 3 pointer. Schuilli comes right back with 3 from the corner for M. NG shot is short - rebound M. Steal by Derrick Stewart, he misses a long shot. Lewis goes underneath - up and in for 2. Scuilli fouls Shank who goes to the line for 2. First is good, second also good. Travel violation against Buechel. Montour crowd boos. Jump ball - possession M. Drive by Wilson - no avail. Buzzer sounds. End of 1st period: M - 15, NG -7.


Second Quarter Summary


NG inbounds. Shot blocked by Aaron Reed. Steal by Stewart. Shank sinks a deep 3. 5 second violation against M. Ja'Quan Newton scores 2 in heavy traffic, no foul called. Shot blocked by John Davis. Newton drives the lane and is fouled while shooting - at line for 2. First shot is short, second is good. La'Quan Coaxum called for a foul. Shank gets elbowed in the mouth. M shot rejected by NG - M rebounds. Another blocked shot in the paint - out of bounds - NG ball. Shank attempts another long ball, no good this time - M rebounds. M misses, NG rebound. Newton travels - ball to M. TO 4:17 left, NG back within 2. Score M-15, NG-13. INside shot by Lewis is off the mark. Hanif Sutton lays it up for 2. Nice ball work inside and Buechel puts it up for 2. Sutton scores 2 again off balance in the paint to tie the game 17-17. M loses the ball. Layup attempt by Davis goes in and out. Lewis called for a foul. TO with 1:57 to go. Score tied at 17. Newton is fouled and goes to the line. Makes 1st shot which gives NG their first lead of the game. Second shot is also good. Davis steals but loses the ball at the other end. Ball to M. Turnover M. NG attempt no good. Lewis rebounds. Sutton fouls. Buechel scores 2 with a reverse layup. Newton promptly answers with 2. Wilson's shot is rejected. NG loses ball out of bounds with 4 seconds to go. Long shot no good. Buzzer sounds. At half way mark, NG is able to take lead 21-19.


Third Quarter Summary


Buechel drives the baseline and is fouled while shooting - goes to the line. First free throw is all net, second is the same. Tied again at 21. Reed called with his 3rd foul. Wilson dodges NG players and converts 2 points underneath. Newton callef for foul - ball to M. Wilson drives straight through the paint and powers up for 2 more. Davis travels - ball back to M. Sutton steals. Newton fouled by Lewis. Shank's reverse layup is no good. Lewis inside but shot no good. Davis is fouled by Tyler Haas and goes to the line. First shot is good, second shot rolls in. M-25, NG-23. Haas with a jumper - misses. Davis spins to put one in and tie the game at 25. Lewis is fouled by Davis while shooting. Misses both free throws. Davis powers inside for 2. Lewis answers by powering inside for 2 M points. Game tied at 27. Lewis picks up his 3rd foul. TO called with 3:15 to go. Newton goes to the free throw line, makes 1 of 2. Lewis attempts a shot inside, misses - NG rebound. Newton makes an inside shot. Newton called for his 3rd foul, Buechel at the line for 2 shots. He makes the first but misses the second. Buechel fouls. Lewis gets his 4th foul. Davis misses 2 free throws. Scuilli fouls Sutton who goes to line for 1-1. Makes first, second shot rolls out but Stewart puts it back up and in and is fouled. Buechel is fouled by Davis. TO 1:26 to go, NG-33, M-28. Stewart misses in the paint. M rebounds. Buechel drives the baseline for 2. Both teams attempt but shots no good. Buzzer sounds. At the end of 3, NG maintains the lead 33-31.



Fourth Quarter Summary


Long shot by Stewart - no good. Stewart fouls Haas who will shoot 2. First is a miss, second goes in. Shot by Newton is no good, rebound by Lewis. M loses the ball out of bounds. Buechel fouls Davis who shoots 2, makes 1. Violation in the paint allows reshot for second free throw - this time it's good. Wilson fouls Newton - misses both free throws. Rebound by Reed. M loses the ball, outlet pass to Newton who drives and lays it up for 2. TO 5:15 left. NG-37, M-32. Coaxum called with his 3rd foul. Wilson goes to line for 1-1. M calls TO, 5 minutes left in the game. Wilson's first shot is good, second also good. Coaxum, in the paint, up and in for 2. Stewart called for a foul, Lewis to the line for 1-1. TO called, 3:48 left in the game NG-39, M-34. Lewis makes 2. Newton drives the paint for 2. Wilson dives to basket but shot is no good. Newton drives - no good. Alternate possession - M ball. Scuilli drains a 3 from way outside, M within 2 points with 2:49 to play. TO called, NG-41, M-39. Jump ball - ball stays with NG. Rebound by Davis who puts it back for 2 and is fouled by Lewis in the process. Lewis fouls out of the game. Davis makes extra shot to complete the 3 point play. Long shot by M - no good - rebound Newton. Newton drives the paint and puts it in for 2. Another M shot from 3 point range is no good. Coaxum goes to the line for 2. Misses first, misses second. Buechel hits a J from the foul line for 2. NG-46, M-41 with under a minute left. Newton goes to line for 2, makes 1. NG calls a TO with 58 second to go, NG up 47-41. Long shot by Haas comes up short. M forced to foul. Sutton goes to line for 2, first shot is short, second bounces in. Haas long ball is short. Rebound Wilson. Stewart fouls Wilson who goes to the line for 2. Makes first shot, second one rolls out. Newton is fouled by Reed who fouls out of the game. Newton misses 2 foul shots. M 3 point shot is short. Long pass by NG - too long, out of bounds. Scuilli hits a 3 from the corner - M calls TO with 8 seconds left. NG up 48-45. Wilson fouls out. Stewart goes to line for 2 but misses both to keep hope alive for M. Long ball - last shot - short. NG hangs on to win 48-45.