Friday, March 23, 2012 - 12:00 p.m.

Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

Seton LaSalle (29-0)


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York Catholic (29-3)


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Officials: Loretta Pawlowski, Patrick Sullivan, Timothy McGrath


First Quarter Summary


Tip off goes to SL - steal by YC - steal by Natalie Piaggesi - missed shot.  Another turnover by Piaggesi - missed shot - ball back to YC - Carly Marks fouled by Emily Wahl underneath - makes the 1st shot - and the 2nd - YC up 2-0 to start the scoring.  Two shots errant for SL - YC misses - SL misses - Morgan Klunk called for the charge - long ball bounces out for SL - Klunk hits a 3 pointer from the corner.  SL misses again - YC inside but shot no good - Cassidy Walsh 3 pts from the corner - Naje Gibson coast to coast for two.  Piaggesi with a nice blocked shot.  Angela Heintz hits a J for 2.  Carly Marks fouled - TO called - long shot by YC - misses.  Zaenna Echevarria hits from downtown for 3!  Long ball by SL - nothing but air.  YC misses - Nicolete Newman hits for 3 SL points!  Katherine Hart fouled - misses the shot - rebound SL - Angela Heintz drives inside and is fouled - makes the 1st shot - 2nd one bounces in.  YC shot misses - SL misses - YC misses.  Nice pass inside to Hart but layup off the mark.  First period ends with SL ahead 14-8 with most shots so far not hitting the mark.


Second Quarter Summary


SL inbounds the ball - Nicolete Newman hits for 3.  Karli McFatrudge hits for 3 YC points.  Klunk hits a driving layup for 2.  Heintz - turnaround J for 2.  YC misses.  Gibson up and in for 2 SL points.  YC misses.  Long shot by SL - no good - rebound by Klunk and she is fouled - YC will bring it up court.  Steal by SL - timeout called by SL to retain the ball.  Heintz turnaround J for 2 SL points.  YC can't convert.  Gibson fouled by Marks - 1st shot good - 2nd one as well - SL now ahead 25-13.  Deanna Chesko steps on the baseline to turn it over to SL.  Steal by YC - Walsh fouls YC - YC returns the favor - SL will bring it up - TO called with 3:50 to go - SL 25 YC 13.  Gibson misses from outside then gets O rebound put back for 2.  YC shot misses - again.  Joint possession - YC ball - Marks fouled by Heintz - at the line - 1st shot good - 2nd shot all net.  Heintz is fouled while shooting by Marks - at the line 1st shot good - 2nd shot good.  YC subbing at large.  Steal by Heintz - Newman scores 2.  Hannah Laslo fouled underneath by Hart - to the line for 2 - 1st shot good - 2nd shot good.  Katherine Hart steps on the baseline trying to recover a pass - ball to YC.  Joint possession - SL ball - SL shot no good rebound YC - McFatrudge hits a J for 2.  Long shot by SL - Newman to no avail as the buzzer sounds.  Halftime score SL 31 YC19.


Third Quarter Summary


Heintz with a steal and layup for 2 to start the 2nd half.  YC still missing - Gibson scores - Piaggesi scores - TO called - SL now up 37-19.  Gibson called for a foul.  Wahl called for a non-shooting foul.  Joint possession - ball to SL - long shot misses.  YC misses again - klunk with a nice steal - then a bucket for 2.  Cassidy Walsh with a nice pull up J for SL.  Laslo scores a 2 for YC.  Walsh scores another 2.  Echevarria for 3!  Heintz hits for 2 YC pts.  Heintz drives inside for 2!  Another missed YC shot.  SL shot off the mark - ball to YC - TO with 3:24 left score is SL 45 YC 26.  YC misses again.  Walsh for 2 SL pts.  Laslo misses buts stays with it for the nice putback.  Nicolete Newman scores 2 for SL.  Laslo fouled while shooting a good shot - completes the 3 pt play.  Wahl saves the ball from going OOB - Gibson driives inside and flips it up for 2.  Klunk scores 2 YC pts.  Gibson fouled - to the line - 1st shot is short - 2nd shot bounces in.  SL up by 20.  Marks fouled by Gibson - to the line - makes the 1st - 2nd shot short.  Newman from way outside for 3 more SL pts.  YC loses the ball on the baseline - SL ball - shot way short - ball back to YC - buzzer sounds SL firmly in command 56-34.


Fourth Quarter Summary


YC shooting problems continue.  Klunk with 2 nice steals - she is fouled - at the line - makes the 1st - 2nd one all net.  Gibson in the paint up and in for 2.  Gibson with a block at the other end.  3 second violation by SL - missed YC shot Gibson rebounds - SL can't convert - Gibson travels.  YC errant pass for turnover - Newman lays up for 2.  Marks with a J for 2.  McFatrudge scores 2.  Klunk called for the foul her 3rd.  Heintz is fouled by Laslo - to the line - 1st is good 2nd is good.  Nice block by Piaggesi.  SL defense inside too tough for YC to penetrate - ball back to SL - shots all miss by SL.  McFatrudge hits a spinning layup for 2 and is fouled - TO called with 3:48 to go with SL 62 and YC 42.  McFatrudge cannot complete the 3 pt play - rebound went to YC - Klunk is fouled while shooting - misses the 1st shot - 2nd shot good.  YC subbing heavily at this point.  Julia Rodaitis hits one off the glass for 3!  Rachel Forjan scores 2 for YC.  SL shots don't fall from inside.  YC can't convert - joint poss. - SL ball - nice steal by Klunk - to McFatrudge who scores 2.  SL now subbing heavily.  Wahl hits from downtown for 3.  Forjan misses but rebounds her own shot - and misses again - ball still with YC - missed shot.  Andrea Hess called for a foul - Walsh at the line - made the 1st shot - and the 2nd.  Long shot bounces out by YC.  No SL conversion - rebound Echevarria - perimeter shot still no good for YC - ball to SL.  Alexia Facchiano is fouled and at the line makes one of two.  YC shots still falling well short.  Jessica Mazzur is fouled - goes to the line - TO called with 4 seconds remaining - SL 71 YC 47.  Final long shot for YC bounces out as the buzzer sounds.  Seton LaSalle dominates with an underclassmen roster as York Catholic cannot get the shots to fall - final score SL 71 YC 47.