Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 12:00 p.m.

Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

Steelton-Highspire (27-3)

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North Catholic (24-6)

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Officials: Kristin Stiglitz, Emery Faith, Colin Gaiser


First Quarter Summary


Tip goes to SH - long 3 pointer by Malia Tate- Defreitas right off the reel - miss by NC - Tate-Defreitas with another quick 3 pointer!  Lynzi Mueller hits a 3 pointer - Amber Hess-Moore answers right back with 3 for SH.  A 3 pt barrage to start the game.  Long shot by SH no good - possession to SH - steal on inbounds pass by NC - long NC shot go ggod - rebound SH - steal back by NC - steal by Jazmine Blanding - all the way for the layup.  Drive bu Mueller for 2 NC pts.  No conversion for SH - NC travels.  SH playing slow ball - media TO - with 3:56 left SH 11 NC 5.  SH will inbound - Tate-Defrietas fouled by Lauren Wolosik - will shoot 2 - 1st shot misses - 2nd one good.  Rebound and putback by Sarah Goetz.  Hess-Moore hits a tre for SH.  Tate-Defrietas long pass underneath to Amber Anderson - layup for 2.  Goetz - nice turnaround hook shot for 2 NC pts.  Rayvon Donald fouled while shooting - misses the 1st freebie - 2nd shot good for 1 SH pt.  Mueller with a shot from downtown for 3 NC pts.  Blanding scores a bucket for SH.  Turnover by NC to SH.  Missed SH shot.  NC misses.  Long shot SH no good rebound Anderson - Tate-DeFreitas fouled - to the line for 2 - misses then hits.  Mueller drives the paint but misses the layup - Goetz fouled - will shoot 2 - makes both freebies.  SH long ball no good as the 1st period ends - SH out to the early lead 22-14.


Second Quarter Summary


SH will inbound - Rayvon Donald from underneath for 2 SH pts.  Lauren Wolosik hits from the corner for 3 NC pts.  SH fouls - ball to NC.  Goetz called for traveling - ball back to SH.  Hess-Moore to Anderson underneath - up and in for 2 SH pts.  NC loses the ball OOb - ball to SH - steal back and forth - ball now w/ SH - shot misses - rebound by NC - Courtney Wolosik rebounds and puts it back for 2 NC pts.  TO called by SH - 5:12 left - SH up by 8.  SH inbounds - Ball tied up - possession to NC - ball OOB - back to SH - pass to Anderson on the low post - easy 2 pts for SH.  Long NC shot off the mark.  Offensive foul by Amber Hess-Moore.  TO with 3:55 left - SH 28 NC 18.  NC will inbound - Lauren Wolosik from the corner for 3!!  Tina Sahr scores 2 pts for NC.  SH loses it OOB - NC misses.  Traveling called against SH - NC ball.  Long NC shot is short - rebound NC - Lauren Wolosik fouled - makes both freebies.  NC narrows lead to 3.  Lauren Wolosik steals again - and takes it home for 2.  Lead now at 1 pt.  SH misses - NC ball - long shot misses.  Cianai Beaden fouled - will shoot 2 for SH - misses the 1st - and the 2nd.  NC ball - rebound and put back for 2 by Courtney Wolosik - 1st lead of the day for NC.  SH turns it over again - NC misses - ball back to SH as C. Wolosik fouls - Ciani Beaden on the line for 1 and 1 - good on the 1st shot - score now 29-29 - 2nd shot too strong.  Rebound to NC - Lauren Wolosik drives to the hoop for 2!  Blanding drives through the paint for 2 SH points.  Buzzer sounds - at the halfway nmark the score is knotted at 31 !!!


Third Quarter Summary


SH inbounds the ball - misses the shot - rebouind Lauren Wolosik - then she hits from the elbow - SH misses a shot - Courtney Wolosik - give and go for 2 NC pts. - SH misses again - SH fouls - NC will inbound - NC loses it OOB - SH ball. Rayvon Donald with a pull up J for 2 SH pts. NC loses the ball OOB - Rayvon Donald again for 2 SH points.  Lauren Wolosik hits another bucket for the Trojanettes.  Tate-DeFreitas is fouled - shooting 2 - makes them both.  Back tied at 37.  Goetz steps OOB driving the baseline - ball to SH.  Anderson misses underneath.  Goetz is fouled  by Anderson - will shoot 2 - misses then misses again.  SH misses - rebound NC - Sarah Goetz driving layup for 2.  Courtney Wolosik fouls - inbounds - Tate-Defreitas misses.  NC called for offensive foul - NC faithful not happy about the call.  TO with 3:48 left SH 37 NC 39.  Long 3 pointer by Amber Hess-Moore - 3 pts SH!  NC loses it OOB - 3 pointer missed by Hess-Moore - Anderson rebounds and pputs it back for 2 SH pts.  Mueller is fouled - will shoot 2 - misses the 1st - 2nd shot - misses.  Rebound SH - SH misses 2 inside shotsAnderson is fouled while shooting by C. Wolosik - 1st freebie - good - 2nd shot short - rebound SH - tied up ball - possession SH.  SH steps on the line on the inbounds - ball to NC.  Tina Ferrari is fouled by Anderson - will shoot 2 - makes both freebies.  Tate-DeFreitas long pass again to Anderson under the basket - up and in for 2.  NC misses - ball tied up - possesion NC - shot no good - Tate-Defrietas scores a bucket for SH.  Tae-Defreitas called for holding.  Ball tied up - SH ball,  Ball tied up again after several missed SHJ shots underneath - ball to NC.  Long attempt by Ferrari comes up short - reebound SH - traveling called against SH - Mueller scores a 2 pt bucket for NC.  basket at the buzzer by Lauren Wolosik - at the end of 3 periods - SH 47 NC 45.


Fourth Quarter Summary


Inbounds by SH - 2 missed SH shots - layup by Lauren Wolosik misses - SH misses - back door layup by Lauren Wolosik for 2 NC pts.  Goetz fouls Donald - will shoot 2 - misses and then hits the freebies.  L. Wolosik misses - steal by NC - turnover to SH - Blanding drives all the way upcourt for 2 SH points.  SH fans want a foul call but not to be - OOB called - ball to NC.  NC inbounds the ball - turnover to SH - missed shots inside then travel called against SH.  Steal by Tate- Defreitas who takes it in for layup and a foul called - misses the freethrow.  Pass inside to Tina Ferrari up for 2 NC pts. Hess-Moore hits a long 3 poimnter.  Angela Nowacki scores a laup for 2 NC points.  Anderson fouled - will shoot 2 - makes both free throws.  Foul called on Anderson - her 3rd.  Media TO with 3:52 left SH 55 NC 51.  NC to inbound under their own basket - Angela Nowacki is fouled - technical foul against Amber Hess-Moore - Nowacki makes the 1st foul shot - misses the second - Lauren Wolosik will now shoot 2 for the technical - misses the 1st and makes the 2nd - possesion goes to NC .  NC loses the ball OOB - SH ball.  Hess-Moore throws in a long ball for 3 SH pts!  TO w/ 2:37 left - SH 58 NC53.  NC inbounds underv their own basket - long shot missed - rebound to SH -  long ball misses - NC ball.  NC travels.  Tate-DeFreitas called for traveling.  Ball to NC.  L. Wolosik drives to the basket and is fouled by Donald - makes the 1st freebie - and the 2nd.  Full court pressure by NC - TO by SH with 1:42 left SH up by 3.  Tate-Defreitas can't convert - NC double dribbles - ball to SH.  SH calls TO w/ 1:18 left SH 58 NC 55.  SH inbounds - NC fouls - Tate-Defrietas to shoot 1 and 1 - makes both shots!  Offensive foul called on Lynzi Mueller - ball to SH.  Rebound and putback by Rayvon Donald for 2 SH points - TO called - SH lead stretched to 7 with 54 seconds left.  NC inbounds - long 3 pointer by Mueller is off the mark - ball off SH - NC keeps the ball - Donald steals the inbounds pass - SH calls TO with 31 left and SH has  7 pt lead.  Held ball - ball to NC - long 3 pt attempt short but Tina Ferrari rebounds and puts it ack for 2 NC pts - TO called w/ 18 seconds left SH 62 NC 57.  SH inbounds - steal by NC - L. Walosik misses - Blanding is fouled - will shoot 2 - makes both for SH.  Lynzi Mueller drives for the uncontested layup - TO w/ 5 bseconds left - SH ahead 64 - 59.  SH inbounds long pass to Hess-Moore who adds 2 more for SH.  Tate-Defreitas and SH able to hold off the strong effort of Lauren Wolosik and the Trojanettes to win it - Final score Steelton-Highspire 66 North Catholic 59 !!!