Friday, March 23, 2012 - 2:00 p.m.

Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA

Lincoln Park Charter (26-4)


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Constitution (22-9)


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Officials: David Blair, John Zimbardi, Kevin Teribery


First Quarter Summary


Tip off to C - Savon Goodman drives it inside for 2.  Nice pass inside to Ryan Skovranko but the layup doesn't fall - Daiquan Walker can't convert.  Tamir Bolger layup no good.  Walker is fouled - 1st shot good - 2nd shot bounces away.  LP throws it away.  Steal by Devontae Watson.  Bolger fouls Jaylyn Cottrill - makes 2 of 2.  Goodman fed underneath and jams it home.  LP turns it over again - no C conversion.  Lp shot no good - C rebound - Walker to Craig Slade up and in for 2 - TO called.  Trey Hosack drives inside for two.  Walker to Goodman - alley oop slam for two.  Skovranko from outside for 3.  Fajion Jones for 2 C pts.  Missed LP shot - TO with 3:28 left C 13 LP 7.  Goodman fouled by BJ Lipke - 1st shot no ggod - 2nd shot no ggod.  Turnaround J underneath by Watson for 2 LP pts.  TO called by C - C shots miss - Lipke rebounds for LP - LP misses.  Goodman misses 3 times but is fouled - to the line - misses the 1st - hits the 2nd.  Antonio Kellem travels.  Walker from downtown - 3 pts!  Cotrill rebounds and puts back for 2.  Walker hits a 3 from way out.  Hosack called for the charge.  Amonie Holloman misses from way out - Tamir Bolger with a nice steal - Goodman fouled again - 1st all net - 2nd the same.  Holloman steals the ball - long shot by Walker no ggod as buzzer sounds - at the end on one the score is C 22 LP 11.


Second Quarter Summary


LP inbounds the ball - Hosack is fouled by Slade - will shoot 2 - 1st good 2nd good.  TO called by C.  C cannot convert with shots underneath - Watson blocks underneath - Skovranko drives it to the hoop and lays it in for 2.  Goodman powers underneath up and in for 2.  Watson is fouled by Goodman - his 2nd.  Long LP shot no good - Slade - reverse lay up for 2.  Bolger fouls - LP will inbound.  Watson fouled by Slade -Hosack hits a tre!  C no conversion.  Watson travels underneath.  Long ball by C way short.  LP mishandles in the paint - no C conversion.  Skovranko with a nice J for 2.  Holloman shot no good - rebound LP - no conversion - Bolger tries 2 shots but neither good - LP misses - C misses - LP calls TO with 2:14 left C 26 LP 20.  Steal by Walker - Walker takes it to the other end for 2.  Skovranko scores for LP.  Watson with a nice block.  Walker fouled - goes to the line - shot is good.  Bolger drives but is rejected Nate Loedding - C will keep the ball - nice feed by Fajion Jones to Goodman underneath who puts it up and in for two as the buzzer sounds.  Score at halftime Constitution 33 Lincoln Park 22. 


Third Quarter Summary


Goodman drives to the basket and is fouled  by Lipke - to the line makes one of two.  Watson is fouled while shooting  - 1st shot bounces in - 2nd does the same.  Steal by Walker - Jones dribbles on the baseline - ball to LP - Watson fouled while shooting by Slade - 2 shots - 1st short - 2nd all net.  Another steal by Walker - block by Bolger - Watson drives inside but loses control of the ball - ball back to C - Goodman travels in traffic on the baseline.  Nice feed from Kellem to Hosack - aly up for 2.  Shaire Tolson Ford with a nice steal - turnover - LP throws it away.  TO with 3:36 left score C 37 LP 27.  Nice rejection by Watson - ball stays with C - slam by Goodman!!  Kellem with an athletic pull up J for 2.  Joint possession - ball to LP - Steal by Bolger - shot blocked - Goodman reverse lay up for 2 plus a foul - misses the free throw.  Another Bolger steal - TO called by LP 1:53 left C 43 LP 29.  Lp with multiple attempts underneath to no avail - C will bring it up.  Goodman lays it up for 2.  Skovranko lays it up for 2.  Goodman slams one home off the dish by Walker.  Watson takes it to the hoop for 2.  Misses at both ends - TO with 7 seconds remaining - Bolger hits one from way out for 3 - buzzer sounds - score at the end of three Constitution 50 Lincoln Park 33. 


Fourth Quarter Summary

Nice put back by Aleem King for 2 C points.  Aleem King again for 2 more!  Skovranko penetrates and hits a turnaround J for 2.  Kellem from straightaway 3 pt land - good!  kellem called for a foul - C to inbound - Walker drives through the paint up and in for 2.  TO called - with 5:26 left C 56 LP 38.  Hosack steals and takes it home for 2!  Goodman continues to dominate underneath - 2 pts!  Goodman is fouled - 1 and 1 - misses. LP scores.  Steal by Skovranko - takes it to the hoop for 2.  TO called 3:49 left C 58 LP 42.  Joint possession - LP ball -  long shot way short.  C will bring it up - Walker is fouled by Kellem - at the line for 1 and 1 - misses - rebound Walker - Goodman shoots and is fouled - will shoot 2 - 1st misses - 2nd misses.  Steal by Jones - shot no good - Watson rebound - Cottrill scores.  Jones ends up in press row but is OK.  To called with 2:09 left C up by 14.  C inbounds - Bolger is fouled by Kellem - will shoot 2 from foul line - misses 1st - subs now entering for both teams - misses 2nd freebie.  Walker fouled by Tyal Prince - will shoot from foul line - makes the 1st - and the 2nd.  Hosack shot no good - LP will keep ball - Bolger with another foul - Kellem fouls out - Walker will shoot 2 - 1st is good - 2nd is good.  Hosack from downtown - 3 pts!  Put back by Watson.  Tolson-Ford is fouled - will shoot 2 - 1st misses - 2nd misses - LP loses the ball across the baseline - King is fouled - makes one of two.  Kamar Phinizy is fouled - will shoot 2 - makes both.  LP misses.  Ahmad Gilbert scores for C.  Kevin Dukes drains a shot as the buzzer sounds.  Savon Goodman and Constitution in control the whole game as they win it 68-49!!!!